Friday, September 3, 2010


It's been eight weeks since I sent my manuscript, and 15 days since I asked the agent for her intentions. Today I sent a final email stating that if I receive no response, I will assume she has lost interest. I need to move on.

Meanwhile, I asked my sister to test the first two chapters (still first drafts) of The Diva of Mud Flats. I simply wanted to know if it was interesting enough to continue, and she thought it was. I still struggle with some of the character names, and she noted some confusion with them. Perhaps there are too many characters, but mostly I think it's the fact that they have names and titles. I hope to iron it out in the revisions.

Side Note:
In a previous entry, I mentioned a jazz quintet I had joined. The drummer drove the guitarist and myself crazy until the guitarist finally quit and the band was disbanded. I remain in contact with the guitarist myself, however job prospects may take me out of state forcing me to revise how to handle future music interests.