Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Technology is not being my friend

I put myself under the gun to produce a synopsis for The Lost Art of Magic. I had previously written a short synopsis, but it just didn't work. So I started putting together a full scene by scene synopsis.

I was already having problems with my main computer, the power died to the USB ports which effectively shut down the mouse, keyboard and printer, so I dusted off my old laptop.

Last Friday, I completed the first draft of the synopsis and was ready to start editing it (lots of typos, and I kept slipping back into past tense.) That's when the lap top stopped booting up. Fortunately, I keep all my work on a flash drive. I have the flash drive backed up on the main computer and the lap top. I used the restore CD's to see if the lap top could be revived. They reported that the hard drive was in trouble. I was able to fix some bad sectors, but it still wouldn't boot up.

I dusted off an older computer. It booted up just fine, no problems with the mouse, keyboard or USB ports. However, it refused to read the flash drive.

I finally figured out how to limp along on the laptop until the hard drive fails completely, but then my printer runs out of toner.

I have managed to complete the synopsis. But I'm afraid that if I try to send it out, my router will turn belly up, or my Qwest modem will freeze. Not really, but just to be sure, I'm going to give the first three chapters one more dusting before I send them off.

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