Friday, October 29, 2010

Nano Wrimo is almost upon us

I don't know if I can do this. I've never been that prolific, but I'm dropping everything else (except for job and Thanksgiving.) Travelling home for the holiday will be tough. I may gain some time during the trip (but not much, battery time is dismal.) So I can figure on losing four days of the month.

Up to this point, my style has been to write multiple parallel threads that constantly swap out in short bursts, but for this project, I'm going for more substantial chapters with less scenes.

Unless I have an epiphany during the weekend, I plan to write a book called The Beat of a Different Drummer. It's about an aging band that was big twenty years ago, and now finds themselves clinging to their waning fame, but they have a problem, the drummer is missing.

The book will explore the police investigation which includes in depth interviews with the band members and other associates. If I can pull it off, each chapter will provide a different members perspective, and some clues to his fate.

And since the show must go on, during all of this, they must audition replacement drummers, and they all have a different opinion on what they should be looking for. I'm saving the surprise ending for the actual book.

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