Thursday, November 11, 2010

Too many distractions!

I started off with a good daily quota, but fell behind for a few days.
  1. I'm from Arizona, and I'm currently working outside of Denver. It's snowing. My wife is still swimming in the pool, and I'm brushing snow off the car.
  2. I'm putting some extra hours in on my day job.
  3. TaleBait is having a contest where the winner can get a review, possibly by an agent, or a book reviewer.
  4. TaleBait has some collaborative stories which I'm trying to work towards a conclusion.
  5. I'm exercising again (don't want to slip in the snow.)
  6. My new phone, a droid x, just arrived. WHAT A HUGE DISTRACTION.
  7. My fish tank at home had an emergency, the pump died and the amonia built up in the tank. I couldn't deal with it. Thankfully, my grand daughter and wife managed to do some of the things required to fix it. Good job, but we did lose two fish. :(
  8. I miss home.

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