Saturday, May 22, 2010

Another Rejection

I got another rejection. This time from a publisher. At least it didn't appear to be a form rejection. It doesn't seem to matter how much I rationalize the difficulty of getting published, I just can't help thinking I am doing it wrong. I can't help feeling that the genre publishers look at my book and say it's not genre enough, while everyone else simply says they don't deal with that genre. In this case, it's a modern magic realism fantasy. Maybe I should change the main character to a vampire?

I don't know what it is about my generation, or maybe it's the current generation, but authors seem to be hatching in large numbers like a swarm of insects in a horror story. Maybe the educational system has been more successful than we are led to believe. More likely the internet has turned everyone into a writer (he say's as he types into his blog), and the current economy has forced them to try and make a dime. Heck, email submissions are cheap. And rejections from snail mailed manuscripts are costly rejections.

I keep a log of all my submissions and rejections. When I do eventually sell that book, and then when I sign a movie deal, I'll make sure to send all of them a press release. (Hey! It's eleven pm here, I'm supposed to be dreaming!)

Either next weekend or the following, I'll be sending off another round of submissions. Next month, I should have my first book ready for submission and will send both out.

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