Friday, May 21, 2010

Bringing Characters Alive

I saw a post on another blog asking how to make characters sound authentic. I thought I'd ask one of my characters to shed some insight. "Francesca? How should you sound?"

"What was that you were saying? How is it that I should sound? How are you thinking I should sound? I only sound like me. Why is it you aren't writing something to get me out the mess you put me int? Do you really think I am standing around all day waiting for you to be asking the stupid questions? No! You need to be getting back to the work, and NOW! As if I had nothing better to do? What was that? Oh, you are having the guests? I didn't see them. You should have said so. Of course they want to know what I am thinking. Who wouldn't? What was the question? Oh yes, how is it you can make characters sounding authentic."

"Why? Who says authentic is so fabulous? If that other person, who asked the question, is thinking that Bella, in the twilighty books, is not sounding like the teenager, then I say, 'WHAT IS IT THAT YOU ARE EXPECTING? She is hanging out with a hundred year old, don't you know?' My author's kid thinks she is knowing better what kids her age are sounding like, but she only just knows what they are sounding like today. They sure aren't sounding like I did when I was her age, not that I'm that old, I'm just saying."

"I think, maybe, some people are forgetting that I am a character. If I am a little outrageous, it is just being my character. If I am a lot outrageous, it is just more character to love, and I do like feeling the love. Now get back to work. I am needing the hero to save me."

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