Saturday, May 15, 2010

Progress Report

Without anything spectacular to report, I want to use this forum as a chronicle for my current projects.

I am still nearing the completion of the second to last revision of The Mother of All Viruses. This revision included three main goals: I'm documenting the scene descriptions so I can use them to produce a synopsis; I've dropped the sub-sub-sub-plot that one of my professors has not received her doctorate yet; I've also changed one of the getaway vehicles from a van to a car (allowing the FBI to locate the abandoned van and it's contents).

This week, I completed the first draft of the first chapter of The Diva of Mud Flats. I still need to work on the outline for the upcoming chapters.

I tweaked the first two scenes of another novel, Something About Nobility. I have two written scenes and lots of notes. I have an idea how I want this plot to end, but I am still putting together the mechanisms to get there. I have defined some interesting characters, and this week, I came up with some more ideas to manage their relationships and another sub plot to distract the primary protagonist.

No takers, yet, on The Lost Art of Magic. I will submit it again at the end of the month. I have expanded my notes on the follow up, I plan two more novels as sequels. I am seeing some interesting chatter about the software I use (yWriter) regarding how it may be modified to further assist book series. I know the software author has a book series of his own, so he is probably motivated to make this a reality.

Un-sponsored plug: If you are an author and work on a PC, yWriter is an excellent tool for putting your novel together. It organizes your work in chapters and scenes. It doesn't write the book for you, it just gives you a way to organize your work. It has advanced features if you want them, but they don't slow you down if you don't need them. Most important, the software is an invisible interface between myself and my work. It never distracts me from my writing.

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